Arty Fax is a term-long school project that turns research on a local heritage site into a location-based game that can be played on smartphones at the site. During the project children (aged 7-9) create a story based on a character associated with the site and turn it into a series of videos.

When playing the game, following a set of clues will lead the player sequentially to various points at the site where videos will be triggered, enabling the story to unfold. A model of a building that might have existed at the site is also made by the children & using our software, an augmented reality (AR) visualisation of this will be displayed at the end of the game superimposed where the building would have stood.

History, geography, English, art and design & computing. Plus team building, learning to communicate & being creative.
No expensive equipment required. Use a smartphone and we can all be actors
What better than to find out more about what is on your doorstep. Arty Fax will help you bring it to life
Make models out of cardboard and learn to turn them into 3D augmented reality images online
Once upon a time we made up a story about a historic castle. We learnt how to put it onto a storyboard
You will make an outdoor game (just like Pokemon Go). Follow the trail and see your story unfold.

Example resources for Bramber Castle

Here is an example resource pack for a heritage site near us.

09 Feb 2018

The Story behind the Norman Invasion.

King Edward the Third, also known as "The Confessor" died in 1066, leaving no heirs.…
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08 Feb 2018

Bramber: Making the game

This is the Bramber site plan. The shaded squares indicate the areas which can be…
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08 Feb 2018

Bramber: Building a model

We are looking to make a model of a building or structure that was at…
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Meet Our Associates

Arty Fax is brought to you by LocoMatrix run by Richard Vahrman
but a number of people have been involved in the developing the concept.


What's been happening on the Arty Facts project

03 Mar 2018

Experiments with Tinkercad

We expect that children will make their models using cardboard, washing up bottles and sticky tape, but there are other…
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03 Mar 2018

Arty Facts: Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a game along the lines of Theme Park — it is the virtual equivalent of, say, Weald and Downland Museum to Alton…
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03 Mar 2018

Arty Facts: a history game for school children …

…and how we developed it using a design sprint This is a story about a GV style design sprint. If you’ve…
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We are currently looking for schools to prototype Arty Fax. When the system becomes generally available it will be free to download (donations gratefully received if you are happy using it). For prototype sessions, we will come to your school and help you through the project.

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